Lifestart Foundation has commenced building homes for Vietnamese families in need thanks to our amazing supporters Telstra Digital Australia!

Every family selected to be the recipients of a new home are those who are living in extremely poor and dangerous housing conditions, the likes of which most living in developed countries cannot imagine. Their current homes are made of tin or coconut leaf and have many holes which leave the family exposed to all of the elements. Water pours through their homes during the wet season. Often times their homes are so flimsy that they are at risk of falling down completely. Most are also without the basics of a toilet or kitchen. The modest but secure house that will be built for them will be made of brick and cement and they will have a bathroom, kitchen and two bedrooms.

The first family to receive a home is pictured here. Their current house is made of materials gathered from the roadside over many years. The father of this family explained that on his way home from work each day he would find a brick or a piece of material on the roadside that he would carry home to add to their current very basic shelter.

We can only imagine how excited the family who will receive this house are feeling.The progress is staggering and it is one of the many things I love about Vietnam – just how fast you can build a home for a family. Simply fantastic!

Here’s some photos of our building progress, stay tuned!

  • Published: 4 years ago on April 21, 2015
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