The Lifestart Foundation Workshop was designed to provide an outlet for the creation of fine arts and crafts. The success of the workshop has empowered its members to earn a sustainable income and gain a sense of independence.

The workshop was established to provide opportunities for those living in difficult situations, particularly children and adults with disabilities and disadvantaged people from ethnic minority groups. Initiatives such as training and capacity building, together with a supportive community network, ensures both transformative change and self-sufficiency.

The workshop’s unique arts and crafts include exclusive greeting cards, knitted scarves, beaded jewellery and much more. The products are unusual souvenirs not found anywhere else in Vietnam and make the perfect fair trade gifts. Workshop members receive 100% of all profits earned from the sale of their products after shop expenses. You can support the workshop by purchasing direct from the Lifestart Foundation Workshop located in Hoi An.

How the Workshop Began

It all started when a small group of local women living with disabilities in the Hoi An area joined with the Lifestart Foundation to form a special workshop. The women first met in March 2008. Under the direction of Sherry Berger they trained for four weeks to develop skills and create products with the view of a trial production. The workshop became an instant success due to the hard work and determination of these women and the support of a dedicated team of volunteers from around the world.

Initially, the workshop began as a place for disabled women, but quickly expanded to include a diverse groups of people with and without disabilities, young and old, male and female.

Please note The Lifestart Foundation Workshop
and all classes are now closed.

The closing of this chapter comes with some sadness. However, we are also excited to now fully focus on the development of our biggest project, educational scholarships. Thank you to all those who have supported us! Workshop products will be available online – please consider supporting us with your Christmas shopping. Stay tuned for more details including the launch of our new and improved website!

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