Tohe Products

Tohe is a social enterprise in Vietnam that provides a creative learning playground for disadvantaged and disabled children to play and learn in a different academic setting. Selected artworks from art classes has been redesigned and printed on lifestyle products such as: clothes, accessories, homeware, toys… branded under the name Tohe and distributed both in Vietnam and internationally. A portion of profits are used to fund the creative classes & scholarship program for talented children. Tohe also wants to demonstrate to these children that creative work can be a potential career for those who are talented. Creative work also creates economic value and is becoming a new trend of international economy (creative economy).

In designing Tohe products we explore the innocent beauty, free coloring and infinite imagination of the children paintings. Made from eco-friendly materials with simple and modern design and child-like sensitivities, Tohe’s products are unique. Moreover, the paintings of disadvantaged children reflect their optimism and love of life. This is the humane aspect of Tohe stories: difficulties and deprivations cannot hinder the spirit, the soul and the imagination.

Tohe is named after a Vietnamese traditional toy made from rice flour and natural colors which, once it has been used as a plaything it can also be eaten. Our project aims to be like a toy in creating opportunities for children to play while generating income to improve their life.