Lifestart Foundation Volunteers

2-Jan-2014 Meet Beth – A New Physiotherapist Volunteer From The Uk Via India & Nepal
11-Dec-2013 Meet Sheila From Shropshire Hills – UK
22-Oct-2013 Meet Emma From New Zealand – A Sports Physiotherapist At Lifestart Foundation
30-Apr-2013 Cushions For A Cause
19-Apr-2013 Meet Carmen From Germany
28-Nov-2012 Meet Sahar From The UK
15-May-2012 International Volunteering
20-Apr-2012 Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School
10-Feb-2012 Meet Robbie And Al From Australia
26-Oct-2011 Meet Trisha From New Zealand
9-Aug-2011 Art Classes With Lone From Denmark
31-May-2011 Ruth – Teaching English In Vietnam
24-Jan-2011 e Bond – Why Vietnam Rocks
29-Jan-2010 Sue: Capacity Building And Cleaning Up Mud
23-Jan-2010 Teaching English As A Second Language
17-Nov-2009 Tropical Storm Ketsana – A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
10-May-2009 Cycle Vietnam For A Worthy Cause
8-Mar-2009 Memory Portraits
4-Mar-2009 Doctor John
18-Jul-2008 Birdman Returns
11-May-2008 The Melbourne Birdman Competition
3-May-2008 Meet Sherry – A Dream Volunteer
27-Feb-2008 Birdman To The Rescue
25-Feb-2008 Great Work By New Volunteers
30-Dec-2007 Lifestart Volunteers
9-Dec-2007 Devastation Floods Hit Central
22-May-2007 Clean Up The River Day
23-Oct-2006 The Royal Australian Navy Volunteers