Fundraising comes in all shapes and sizes. One effective way to fundraise is to ask for donations in lieu of your upcoming birthday gifts. This idea can be applied to any various other gift giving events, but your birthday is one of the most sentimental and is bound to tug at your network’s heart strings. The personal connection and selfless sacrifice of one’s birthday is a great way to give back.

It’s best to start fundraising a few months prior to your birthday to get the ball rolling. First and foremost, give your Lifestart Foundation fundraising page a catchy title, for example ” $27 for my 27th Birthday!” Include your reason for pledging your birthday and even a photo. Once your page is up and running, email a link to your friends and family, inviting them to donate to your page. Don’t forget to reach out to your social media network as well. Keep your donors updated about your fundraising total up until the big day and then do one last push.

Of course, don’t forget to say thank you to all your donors. And don’t worry about any donations you receive in person. Simply email us and we will input all your offline donations to be included into your fundraising page total.

Give up your birthday and start fundraising today!

Sample PledgeSee sample birthday pledge page >

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If your birthday has past, here are some other gift giving events that may be coming up in your life:

  • Graduations
  • Anniversaries
  • Religious holidays
  • Wedding and engagements