UntitledAnother doctor in the making. Participation in the LSF Charity Ride 2017 will support a student like Nhung to realize her dream.

Education of some of Vietnams brightest – Nhung is 21 years old, and has always been an extremely bright student. She is currently studying Medicine at Hue University. There are 5 members in Nhung’s family; her parents, her older brother and younger sister. Nhung’s younger sister, Lua, is currently completing the last year of her 7 year Lifestart Foundation Secondary Scholarship, funded by the Lowther Hall Grammar School in Melbourne, she too hopes to study Medicine and become a doctor. Suffice to say both girls are excellent students.

Nhung’s mother cleans fish at the market for a very low wage, and her father is a laborer. While her father would like to work more, he suffers from severe back problems, which can impact the hours and type of labour he can do. Their salary combined with the salary her brother earns through farming, only equals a monthly income of 5,000,000 vnd, or $250 usd for the family of five. Their income goes towards paying for the family food, electricity and medicine and would in no way be enough to support both of their daughters education. Especially two six year Medical degrees.

Again through the Lifestart Foundation Educational Scholarship Program, sponsors from Australia were found for Nhung and they have been supporting her with University fees, books and a living away from home allowance. Currently Nhung is in the third year of her six-year University degree, majoring in Preventive Medicine. She is eager to one day earn an income to support her family, and positively impact their economic position as well as being able to help the wider disadvantaged community. During her summer break from University Nhung volunteered at the Lifestart Foundation workshop.

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