Education of some of Vietnams brightest – Trieu – received a Lifestart Foundation Education Scholarship in grade 8. She is now in grade 11 and she was ranked number 1 in her class in Year 10.

“ The happiest time of my life was when I received my Lifestart Foundation Education Scholarship. It has given me a lot of motivation to keep trying to study my very best and to overcome the many difficulties in my life. What makes me sad is if my results are not as high as I would like or when my grandmother is ill. One of my other very happy memories is the time I spent with other LSF recipients and the LSF team in Danang. We enjoyed lots of things together: going to the bookstore, watching a movie in the big cinema, having lunch together, playing games at Indochina centre and joining in many funny activities at Danang beach. If I could change one thing in my life, I would like my parents not to have got a divorce. Currently, the most precious thing in my life is my education. I feel proud of my personal efforts in my life and my study. If unfortunately I do not succeed, I think I will not regret anything because I have tried my very best.”

Trieu’s parents divorced when Trieu was 2 years old. Since then, Trieu and her sister have not seen their father and rarely see their mother. They have lived with their elderly grandmother since their parents divorce. Their grandmother used to work as a farmer to support their living expenses and school fees however, Trieu’s grandmother now has rheumatism and is no longer able to work. Unfortunately Trieu’s sister had to leave school in year 10 due to lack of finances and is now working in a factory.

Trieu is living at her uncle’s house in a small room kindly built by their uncle at the side of his house. Trieu’s sister is working at a factory and earns $40 per month, she sends $25 per month home to Trieu for her food and expenses. From that $25, Trieu has to spend $5 on electricity and water leaving her $20 per month for food and personal items. She only eats two small bowls of rice per day.


LSF has recently found sponsors for Trieu who have pledged to support her through her 4 year University degree but more urgently they have pledged to support her with a food allowance which will enable her to eat 3 nutritious meals per day!

Her new sponsors are long time Lifestart Foundation supporters from the UK. You might remember James who completed the 29th Marathon Des Sables – a 150 mile Marathon across the Sahara Desert to fundraise for Lifestart Foundation.

James and his family have had a long association with Lifestart Foundation and have now embraced Trieu and her dream and the entire LSF team are all very grateful for the ongoing support from this generous family.

Trieu has always been an excellent student and each day she spends 7 hours at home completing her homework and 3 hours doing housework and helping with the family chores. Her dream is to become an English teacher in the future. With her new sponsors pledge her dream of attending University is now a lot closer and she will be the very first in her family to do so.

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