Lifestart family on boatMore than 100 sponsorships have been granted to families under the Support-A-Family program. These sponsorships aid very poor families to establish and commence Micro-businesses. In addition, the Lifestart Foundation has:

  • Installed wells and pumps for families without water.
  • Connected electricity for families without power.
  • Concreted dirt floors in many houses.
  • Installed iron roofs to make houses water-proof.
  • Purchased rice, food and blankets for many who were cold and hungry.
  • Provided bicycles to enable transportation to work and school.
  • Seven houses have been built for families who were squatting or were without shelter.
  • 24 boats have been built which now provide a source of income, a means of providing food for the family and somewhere to live when the river floods annually.


  • Over 100 Educational Scholarships have been granted to disadvantaged children.
  • The Lifestart Foundation Free School¬†¬†(2006-2014) catered to extremely poor, illiterate, disadvantaged, neglected and abused children aged between 8 and 20 years old who were not able to continue in main stream education. Many of the children have now graduated into secondary education or have found employment.
  • Thanks to the support from our ESL volunteers Lifestart Foundation has provided English lessons to many Vietnamese of all ages in order to improve their employment prospects.
  • In 2010 Lifestart Foundation launched a Secondary Year Educational Scholarship program to give exceptionally bright and extremely disadvantaged children with limited financial resources the chance to dream of completing their education.


Lifestart Foundation Youth Program

  • Over 45 at-risk young people have been mentored and in turn sponsored into traineeships under the Jobstart program.
  • Bicycles have been provided to young people which has allowed them to attend school and training¬†Read Blog: Bicycles for Many!


  • Renovated the Dien Ban Orphanage under the Orphan-Assist program.
  • Supplied the orphans with school uniforms, warm coats, school supplies and school books.


  • Funded medical care for sufferers of tuberculosis.
  • Funded neurosurgery for a motorbike accident victim.
  • Funded orthopedic surgery for a child with webbed feet.
  • Funded treatment of kidney and liver disease.
  • Funded medical treatment for a variety of serious illnesses and skin disease.
  • Funded orthopedic aids for the disabled.
  • Assisted many individuals with disabilities to improve their standard of living.
  • Provided glasses for those with vision problems.
  • Funded medical insurance.
  • Funded palliative care.
Lifestart Foundation Motorbike Recipients

Three-wheeled motorbikes for Lifestart Foundation disabled members

Helping those with Disabilities

  • Assisted many people with disabilities to set up small businesses and create self-sufficiency.
  • The Lifestart Foundation Workshop began in 2007. The Workshop achieves transformative change by empowering members to earn a sustainable income and gain a sense of independence through the creation of fine arts and crafts.
  • Provided a number of members of the disabled community in the Quang Nam province of Vietnam with three-wheeled motorbikes. Mobility provides them with independence and increases their empowerment for further opportunities.
  • The Lifestart Foundation Free Disability Community Centre provides people living with disabilities in central Vietnam with new and improved opportunities.