30-Jan-2016 – Stories from our Outreach Programs

16-Jan-2016 – Meet Ms Hue

26-Nov-2014 – Sewing Club at Lifestart Foundation Out Reach Program

11-Jun-2014 – Volunteers Beth & Kate have been busy designing foam wedges to help vulnerable residents at one of our outreach centres

3-Dec-2013 – Celebrating International Day Of People With Disability – We Need Your Help!

31-Jan-2013 – A New Project For Lifestart Foundation

30-Dec-2012 –Update From The Lifestart Foundation Free Disability Community Centre

16-May-2011 – Lifestart Foundation Free Disability Community Center

2-Sep-2010 – Mai: An Aspiring Artist

15-Aug-2010 – Lieu’s Story

15-Jan-2010 – Xuyen: 60 Years Old With Her First Motorbike

13-Sep-2009 – Nghe’s Story 

25-Aug-2009 – A Wonderful Opportunity For Son, Vinh & Dao

6-Sep-2008 – Luong: The Lovely Miss Luong’s Story

20-Aug-2008 – Nguyen – Light At The End Of A Very Dark Tunnel

14-Jun-2008 – Hoa – Independence At Last

11-Jun-2008 – Thong – A “Can Do” Kind Of Man

5-Mar-2008 – Tung – Behind The Smile

14-Feb-2008 – Thank You From Hiep For His Three Wheeled Motorbike

20-Sep-2007 – Thank You From Menh – As Her Life Finally Improves

4-Sep-2007 – Hanh: What A Difference A Three Wheel Motorbike Makes!

16-Aug-2007 – We’ve Helped Song – Now Can We Help any of His Friends?

14-May-2007 – Hiep’s Changed Life – The Perfect Seedling Grant!

10-Mar-2007 – Song’s New Scooter! Thank-You!

22-Dec-2006 – A Glimpse At Menh & Huy’s Life

16-Nov-2006 – Little Ngoc Gets Her First Wheelchair