Natural Body Products To Promote A Long, Healthy And Prosperous Life

LongLife Natural Body Products are handmade by Lifestart Foundation Workshop members using the highest quality natural ingredients and 100% pure essential oils that will leave your skin feeling great and your senses revived. Our products are made under license from Crusoeden Body, Australia. LongLife Natural Body Products are gentle on your skin and environmentally friendly.

All proceeds from the sale of LongLife Natural Body Products will help fund future philanthropic projects in Vietnam to help those living in challenging situations become self-sufficient.

Our current range of products include:

  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Face & Body Wash
  • Face & Body Lotion
  • Soothing Lip Balms
  • Hand Creme
  • Natural Insect Repellent
  • Natural Body Bars
  • Relaxing Bath Soak

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Longlife Natural Body Products


Crusoeden Body is a proudly Australian owned and run company, producing the highest quality natural and organic products for the face, hair and body.
The company was founded by Jayne and Neville Boyle. They spent many years researching the natural and organic products available and found a need for a fresh range of products for this market. It was at this point that Crusoeden Body began. Their products are hand made in Lockwood, Victoria, Australia.  They develop these products using natural and organic ingredients, and wherever possible these ingredients are sourced locally.

Lifestart Foundation would like to thank Jayne and Neville Boyle from Crusoeden Body for supporting the work of Lifestart Foundation and donating a percentage of the profits from their store to Lifestart Foundation. Crusoeden Body originally became aware of Lifestart Foundation through their daughter Jac Torres Gomez. Jac became involved with Lifestart Foundation in 2007 as a group leader with Oz Quest. She facilitated a trip to Vietnam for RMIT University students who were collaborating on a project with Lifestart Foundation.

Crusoeden Body is very proud of the partnership with Lifestart Foundation and are thankful for the opportunity to give back by enabling those living in challenging situations in Vietnam to become self-sufficient.


Longlife Logo

The LongLife logo incorporates the Chinese symbol of longevity. It stands for a long, healthy, prosperous life, a symbol found everywhere in Hoi An, Vietnam. The LongLife product line also incorporates bamboo,  another symbol of longevity because of its durability, strength, flexibility and resilience. This flexibility and adaptability can teach us how a long happy life can be found by lessons from nature.

Happy Long Life!