The Lifestart Foundation Workshop (2007-2018) provided an outlet for the creation of fine arts and crafts. The success of the workshop has empowered its members to earn a sustainable income and gain a sense of independence.

What We’ve Accomplished

The workshop was established to provide opportunities for those living in difficult situations, particularly children and adults with disabilities and disadvantaged people from ethnic minority groups. Initiatives such as training and capacity building, together with a supportive community network, ensured both transformative change and self-sufficiency.

The workshop is now closed, products are now available via our online shop.

Success Stories

Meet Xuyen

Xuyen is one of the craftswomen from the Lifestart Foundation Workshop (LSFW) and the creator behind the recycled paper coasters, bracelets and bowls, as well as the knitted egg hats. Xuyen is part of LSFW’s initiative to train Vietnamese people with disabilities with the skills to become self-sufficient. At the age of 5, Xuyen’s right

The Brocade Weavers of the Central Highlands

Dhroong village is home to many exceptionally skilled weavers. Girls learn the art of weaving at the age of 7 from their mothers. When not tending to their crops, weaving is also a reason for CoTu women to gather and socialize. The CoTu Yaya business group was established offering ethnic CoTu fabrics, clothing and other

Meet Rice Artist Thao

Thao was born in 1993 in Kon Tum and she has five members in her family. Unfortunately, four of the 5 family members, including her mother, her two younger brothers and Thao suffer from brittle bone disease. Thao’s father is the main breadwinner for the family. He is a farmer and also works as a