Q. How long has Lifestart Foundation been supporting families in Vietnam?
A. Since 2000 although Lifestart Foundation wasn’t formally registered until 2004.

Q. How many families has Lifestart Foundation helped?

A. A lot! Lifestart Foundation started supporting 1 family. There are now over a thousand families that have been  supported.

Q. How are funds allocated to recipients – do some recipients get more help than others?
A. Each recipients needs are assessed at the outset. This helps to identify and prioritize the support that each family receives. Other main areas of support include children’s education, medical treatment, self-sufficiency initiatives – for example, animal breeding programs and provision of fishing boats and nets which generate income; bicycles to enable families to travel to work and school and many other basic items that families just can’t afford themselves.

Q. How much of the money that’s donated actually goes to the recipients?
A. As a registered charity in both Australia and Vietnam, the Lifestart Foundation guarantees that all donations will go towards the funding of philanthropic projects in Vietnam.

Q. How can I become a Lifestart Foundation volunteer?

A. There are 3 main ways you can help support Lifestart Foundation:

  1. You can volunteer your services and time free of charge
  2. By attending our fundraising events
  3. By running a fundraising event for Lifestart Foundation
  4. Make a donation

Q. We are traveling to Vietnam and would like to take donation items with us. Who do we leave these donations with when we get there?
A. You can bring the items to our office at 175 Ly Thai To Street, Hoi An. Please contact us first so we can make sure we are there to receive your donation.

Q. If I make a donation to a specific family or individual will I receive regular updates?
A. With the exception of our Educational Scholarship sponsors, the priority is to spend the maximum amount of time providing direct support to families and to minimize the amount of time and money spent on administration. As you will appreciate if we were to send out individual updates this would greatly reduce the time spent with those who need it most. Whilst you won’t receive updates on specific individuals or families updates on all areas of sponsorship are provided regularly via the Lifestart Foundation Newsletter and Lifestart Foundation Facebook Page. Minimizing time spent on administration is also why we are able to guarantee that 100% of money donated goes directly to supporting the work in Vietnam.

Q. Is Lifestart Foundation formally registered?
The Lifestart Foundation has been working in central Vietnam since 2000 and was formally registered as a NGO in April 2004. The charity is governed by a long-standing committee of trustees. Australian NGO Registration Number: A0045550E
Australian ABN: 50113328526
Vietnamese NGO Registration Number: PACCOM AT416
Vietnamese Charity Partner Organisation: Quang Nam Union of Friendship Organization
Lifestart Foundation Inc. is a Deductible Gift Recipient under Australian tax law. All donations exceeding $2 are an allowable tax deduction to the donor.