DiemNu Hoang Diem Vo

In Country Manager

Diem graduated from Da Nang University of Foreign Languages in 2004, since then she has worked for Government for 8 years and won Australian Awards Scholarship in 2011. Diem then spent 2 years in Australia studying a Master of International Business. With broad knowledge base and expertise in fields such as Linguistics, International Business, Human Resource Management, and General Management fostered by academic learning and professional experience, she is motivated to work in an international business environment where she is able to contribute her knowledge, qualifications and experience. By chance learnt about Lifestart Foundation in 2014 and was inspired by our goals and missions and decided to work for a not-for profit so she can contribute back to her community.

DungTran Thi Dung

Workshop Manager

Dung was born on a small island, about 15 kms from Hoi An and has two younger brothers. She began working for the Lifestart Foundation in 2008. She provides invaluable customer service at Lifestart Foundation Workshop through guided tours and supervision of product-making. Dung enjoys traveling, watching television and working in an English-speaking environment. She shares the Lifestart Foundation passion for helping others, particularly those with disabilities.

NhungNguyen Thi Cam Nhung

Education Scholarship & Administration Manager

Nhung graduated from Ho Chi Minh University of Social Sciences and Humanities in 2013. Nhung loves to take part in volunteer activities to help those in need and while at University she participated in many volunteer campaigns held by the Student Union. Nhung began working for Lifestart Foundation in 2014 after returning to her hometown Quang Nam. She would like to work in a dynamic and challenging environment where she is able to continue her dream of helping people. Nhung is also interested in travelling and enjoys the beauty of nature and discovering new things about cultures around the world.

Vo Thi Hoang Thanh

Education Scholarship & Customer Service Officer

Thanh graduated from Da Nang University of Education in June 2016 and began working for the Lifestart Foundation in September 2016. Thanh studied Environmental analytical chemistry but after joining Lifestart Foundation as a volunteer, she found herself very interested and drawn to LSF projects and decided on a career change. She is very happy being a part of the Lifestart Foundation team where she is able to support disadvantaged people.

Nguyen Thi Vi

Education Scholarship & Customer Service Officer

Vi was born and raised in Hoi An. She graduated from University of Economics and Law in Ho Chi Minh City. After graduation she decided to comeback to live with her parents and to commence her first job at an NGO  – Lifestart Foundation in her hometown. Vi commenced  work at Lifestart Foundation in November 2016.  From a young age Vi has always aspired to working with disadvantaged people in her community.

ThaoNguyen Thi Thu Thao

Customer Service Officer

Thao was born in Hoi An and commenced working for Lifestart Foundation in 2013. Thao lives near the river in Hoi An, with her mother, older sister and younger brother. In her free time Thao enjoys relaxing, watching television and reading.

PhilipPhilip Irving

Donor Records Management

Philip was born and raised in Australia. After a long career in the IT and Communications industry he is currently semi-retired and living in Melbourne Australia. Having visited Vietnam on numerous occasions with his Vietnamese heritage partner, he happened upon the Lifestart Foundation through a Google search and was impressed with the work and ethics of the organisation. He and his partner have been sponsoring a number of students through the foundation since 2009. Subsequently Philip volunteered to work with the foundation transferring previous paper based records for donor & contact information to databases, along with other ongoing administrative duties.