Nguyen Thi Cam Nhung

Education Scholarship and Housing Project Manager

Nhung graduated from Ho Chi Minh University of Social Sciences and Humanities in 2013. Nhung loves to take part in volunteer activities to help those in need and while at University she participated in many volunteer campaigns held by the Student Union. Nhung began working for Lifestart Foundation in 2014 after returning to her hometown Quang Nam. She would like to work in a dynamic and challenging environment where she is able to continue her dream of helping people. Nhung is also interested in travelling and enjoys the beauty of nature and discovering new things about cultures around the world.

Le Tran Thao Uyen

Education Scholarship and Administration Officer

Uyen graduated from Danang University of Foreign Language Studies in 2017. She is a dedicated person who values “paying it forward”. During her four years at University, she participated in many volunteer programs, where she developed a strong commitment to “giving back” to the community. Uyen is a “familiar” face at Lifestart Foundation. When she was still at University she volunteered at Lifestart Foundation, working as a part-time English tutor, and a shop assistant at the Lifestart Foundation Workshop.
In 2020, Uyen commenced work with Lifestart Foundation, in hope of helping disadvantaged students and their families to overcome the challenges in their life and to eventually break the poverty cycle. Uyen enjoys reading books, travelling, cycling and taking photos.

Nguyen Thai Hien

Education Scholarship and Administration Officer

Hien, who was orphaned at a young age and raised in a disadvantaged family in Hoi An, was a Lifestart Foundation scholarship recipient for 10 years, commencing in Year 7 and continuing until her university graduation. During her time as a scholarship recipient, Hien gained invaluable life lessons that kindled a strong passion for dedicating herself to society and helping those in need. Lifestart Foundation has played a crucial role in turning her dreams into reality.

In 2022, Hien completed her studies at Da Nang University of Foreign Languages, majoring in English Linguistics. Following her graduation, she embarked on a career with Lifestart Foundation, aiming to contribute significantly to the organization, society, and her personal growth. She is committed to self-improvement and strives to become a better version of herself each day.

In her leisure time, Hien enjoys listening to music and traveling to peaceful destinations to rejuvenate herself.

ha thi dieu

Education Scholarship and Administration Officer

Dieu successfully graduated from Danang University of Foreign Language Studies in 2023. She had the privilege of being a grateful recipient of a Lifestart Foundation scholarship that commenced in 2016. Inspired profoundly by the meaningful activities and programs organized by Lifestart Foundation and recognizing the significance of community contribution, Dieu has chosen to pursue a career in the NGO sector following the completion of her studies. After an internship at Lifestart Foundation, she made the decision to continue her professional journey there, with the goal of extending a helping hand to the underprivileged members of society and helping them work towards improved lives.

In her free time, Dieu engages in various activities, including sports, reading books, and enjoying design work.

philip irving

Donor Records Management Volunteer

Philip was born and raised in Australia. After a long career in the IT and Communications industry he is currently semi-retired and living in Melbourne Australia. Having visited Vietnam on numerous occasions with his Vietnamese heritage partner, he happened upon the Lifestart Foundation through a Google search and was impressed with the work and ethics of the organisation. He and his partner have been sponsoring a number of students through the foundation since 2009. Subsequently Philip volunteered to work with the foundation transferring previous paper based records for donor & contact information to databases, along with other ongoing administrative duties.