The Lifestart Foundation believes that every child should have the opportunity to complete an education and has been actively assisting students in Hoi An and its surrounding regions since 2000.

Educational Scholarships

lifestart educationScholarships are available to academically gifted children who are at risk of not being able to continue with their education because of financial difficulties. Scholarships include the provision of school fees, extra classes, books, stationery, uniforms and transport where needed.

The provision of scholarships fund the completion of education for children from Year 7 to Year 12. Sponsorship is also sought for students to attend University.  Our aim is to break the cycle of poverty through access to education.

All students are monitored and mentored regularly to ensure that academic achievement and dedication to study is maintained. Direct student sponsorship is a positive way to ensure that a child will receive ongoing support for their education. When you take up sponsorship for one of our students, donors receive a regular update on the progress of each student together with an annual personalised letter and current photo.

Our criteria for successful scholarship applicants:

  1. Proven academic excellence
  2. Extreme poverty
  3. A strong desire to give back to their community by way of their chosen vocation



How You Can Help 

Secondary School Education Scholarships

For $3,500 USD – you can provide a six year Secondary School Educational Scholarship. The granting of a Secondary School Educational Scholarship to the poorest and brightest students will allow them to DREAM of a future career and to attend university. Your support can help to break the poverty cycle for these students and their families.

Medical University Scholarships  – Full
For $2,500 USD per annum  – you can provide a full  annual scholarship for a student to study Medicine. Medical degrees are six years and a full scholarships will cover all university expenses and will also include food and accommodation.

Annual Scholarships
If you are interested in a one year scholarship, please contact us for more details.

Annual Food allowance
For $500 USD per annum –  you can provide an annual  food allowance for Orphans, High school and University students living away from home. The food allowance is needed for studentswho do not have enough money to eat properly.
Annual Advanced text book allowance for University students
For $200 USD per annum  –  you can provide a much needed annual advanced text book allowance.
Laptops for University students 
For $800 USD  – you can provide a new laptop for University students.
We aim to provide all students who have successfully completed year 12 and have been accepted into University with a new Laptop. Laptops will ensure all students who are embarking on a 4 – 6 year University degree will be able to complete their studies without ongoing disadvantage.
Electric Bike for High School Students 
For $500 USD  – you can provide an electric bicycle for a High School student.
Students who live in remote country areas need an e bike to commute long distances to school and evening classes, often on unsafe and unlit roads. The provision of an e bike will not only save valuable commuting time between home and classes but will ensure that our students are not vulnerable on the road.

Success Stories

A–Realising His Dream To Become A Doctor

“A” was born and raised in the Cam Thanh area of Hoi An and is the eldest in a family of three children. His mother works making coconut leaf products and his father now works as an assistant labourer after serving in the army. A’s father’s health is poor and their family income is unstable. Despite their limited financial resources, they have struggled to pay for A’s education from the age of six.

One of A’s teachers could see that he was an extremely bright student with real potential but “A” was at risk of dropping out as his family were struggling to pay the school fees. The teacher introduced “A” to Lifestart Foundation in the hope of a solution.

“A” received an educational sponsorship from the Lifestart Foundation, which has helped pay for his school fees. “A” had always dreamed of being a doctor and worked diligently to complete Secondary School. He was the student with the highest marks in year 12, and received top marks in his University entrance examination. “A” was then accepted into Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy to study Medicine.

“A” has now completed a six year University degree and is qualified as a doctor. Now practicing as a Pediatrician at Da Nang Women’s and Children’s Hospital. He is now specliazing in Pediatric Oncology.

More Education Achievements

  • 100’s of educational scholarships have been granted to disadvantaged children.
  • Lifestart Foundation provides annual career days to four Danang Universities for Year 11 and 12 students.
  • For students wishing to study Medicine, an annual two day career trip to Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy is provided for Year 11 and 12 students.
  • The Lifestart Foundation Free School  (2006-2014) catered to extremely poor, illiterate, disadvantaged, neglected and abused children aged between 8 and 20 years old who were not able to continue in main stream education. Many of the children have now graduated into secondary education or have found employment.
  • Thanks to the support from our ESL volunteers Lifestart Foundation has provided English lessons to 100’s of Vietnamese students in order to improve their employment and study prospects.
  • In 2010 Lifestart Foundation launched a Secondary School Educational Scholarship program to give exceptionally bright and extremely disadvantaged children with limited financial resources the chance to dream of completing their education.
  • Over 45 at-risk young people have been mentored and in turn sponsored into traineeships under the Jobstart program.
  • 100’s of bicycles and ebikes have been provided to young people which has allowed them to attend school and training Read Blog: Bicycles for Many!
  • Supplied orphans with education scholarships, school uniforms, food allowances, warm coats and clothes, school supplies and school books.


Lifestart Foundation Youth Cultural Exchange: Leaders For Life

The Lifestart Foundation Leaders For Life program provides the resources necessary and empowers students to play an active role in supporting change in Vietnam and practicing responsible global citizenship. Our aim is for students to enhance their role as global citizens by relating and working personally to this sustainable educational cause for their Vietnamese sisters and brothers. Learn More >

More Stories!

Tuyet – A Educational Scholarship Recipient!

TuyetTuyet is 12 years old, has a smile that lights up the room, and in immaculate English articulates that she would one day like to become an English Teacher.

Tuyet’s family live in a small and simple home, with oly one bed for furniture and homegrown vegetables for food. They have experienced considerable hardship after Tuyet’s father suffered an unfortunate accident, leaving him with an intellectual impairment and unable to work. This placed the sole responsibility for supporting the family on Tuyet’s mother who works diligently to cover all of the living costs that she can, but simply cannot afford to pay for the schooling that would enable the children whom she is “very proud of” the chance to complete secondary school and then continue on to university.

However, thanks to a sponsorship covering Tuyet’s next seven years of education, Tuyet will have the chance to become an English teacher (should she still wish to), and it’s safe to say that her parents will have one less thing to worry about!

In Vietnam, the school system is very different from that in the West. Children attend school for four hours in the morning and, if they can afford it, another four hours in the afternoon. One four hour session is at a government school and is fee based. The other four hour sessions are called “extra classes”. These classes are very expensive and taught by teachers in their free time. All classes have large student numbers, so it is survival of the fittest! Those not attending the extra classes have little hope of passing their final year, or even making it to the final year.

Tuyet says that “the scholarship is motivation for my family and I” and that she and her brother “are always good students because we know that education can break the poverty cycle for our family.”


Lowther SponsorshipLowther Hall Anglican Grammar School Sponsors A Student

In June, 2010 twenty eight Year 9 students and teachers from Lowther Hall visited Lifestart Foundation in Hoi An. The students and teachers held fundraising events prior to coming to Vietnam and the group raised enough money to sponsor a young Vietnamese student in grade six for seven years. Her name is Lua.. Read Full Story >