Meet Dr.Tran Van A

Lifestart Foundation congratulates our first medical student to graduate and be appointed to a new position at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Danang. We are in awe and admiration of your hard work and determination to overcome adversity and your passion to become a doctor.

“A” was born and raised in the Cam Thanh area of Hoi An and is the eldest in a family of three children. His mother made a living from coconut leaf products and his father was an assistant laborer after serving in the army. “A”’s father’s health was poor and their family income was unstable. Despite their limited financial resources, they nonetheless paid for “A”s education from the age of six.

One of “A”’s teachers could see that he was an extremely bright student with real potential but “A” was at risk of dropping out as his family were struggling to pay the school fees. The teacher introduced “A” to Lifestart Foundation in the hope of a solution.

“A” received an educational sponsorship from the Lifestart Foundation, which has helped pay for his school fees. “A” had always dreamed of being a doctor and worked diligently to complete Secondary School. He was the student with the highest marks in year 12, and received top marks in his University entrance examination. “A” was then accepted into Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy.

“A” has now completed a six year university degree and is qualified as a doctor. Now practicing as a pediatrician at Danang Women’s and Children’s Hospital, he specializes in pediatric oncology.

“A”’s younger brother, Be, also received a Lifestart Foundation scholarship and is now studying at Hue Medical University in Year 3 where he too dreams of becoming a doctor just like his brother.

“A” is very thankful to Lifestart Foundation and his sponsors for helping him and his family break the cycle of poverty in their family giving them a new and better life.

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