At Lifestart Foundation, we are commited to improving the quality of life for individuals and communities in Central Vietnam.

What We’ve Accomplished

  • Hundreds of sponsorships granted under the Support-A-Family program. These sponsorships aid very poor families to establish and commence Micro-businesses.
  • Kitchen & bathrooms provided to families who have not had access to the most basic of living conditions.
  • Provided livestock including cows, chickens, ducks and goats for breeding and income generation
  • Installed wells and pumps for families without water
  • Connected electricity for families without power
  • Concreted dirt floors in many houses
  • Installed iron roofs to make houses water-proof
  • Provided over $45,000 AUD of infant milk formula to orphans, sick children from poor families and mothers who were unable to breast feed
  • Provided rice, food and blankets for many who were cold and hungry
  • Provided much needed food hampers to poor families
  • Built homes for families who were squatting or were without shelter
  • Provided 24 boats as a source of income, a means of providing food for the family and somewhere to live when the river floods annually
  • Renovated the Dien Ban Orphanage under the Orphan-Assist program
  • Provided 100’s of bicycles and electric bikes for students and families to get to work and school

Success Stories

A Family’s Thank You

Over the past 17 years Lifestart Foundation has helped over a thousand individuals and families. It is always lovely to receive a heartfelt letter of gratitude.

Typhoon Damrey and Flood Donation

Thanks to the donations we received from many of our generous supporters, we were able to help many families who were affected by Typhoon Damrey and floods that impacted Central Vietnam at the end of 2017.

Building Kitchens & Bathrooms for Extremely Poor Families

The second family to be the recipient of this project is the family of one of our Education Scholarship students, Linh,

Milk Delivery: A Continuing Project

We met six week old little Ngoc yesterday. The reason for the meeting was to deliver Ngoc some much needed formula as she is an abandoned baby at the local hospital. She is healthy and being well cared for by the staff at the hospital but will soon move to an orphanage in Danang where