Latest Projects

Building Homes – Transforming Lives

Thanks to the support of many wonderful sponsors, Lifestart Foundation builds houses for people in dire need. Every family selected to be the recipient of a new home lives in extremely poor and dangerous housing conditions, the likes of which most of us in developed countries cannot imagine. Their current homes are made of tin or coconut leaf and have numerous holes which leave the family exposed to all the elements. Water pours in during the wet season and in many cases the homes are so flimsy that they are at risk of falling down completely. Most are also without the basics of a toilet or kitchen. The modest but secure house that will be built for them will be made of brick and cement and they will have a bathroom, kitchen and two bedrooms.


Assistance in Bad Weather – Typhoon and Flood Relief

Central Vietnam is renowned as a centre for destructive annual typhoons and floods. A particularly bad typhoon season in 2017 resulted in many families losing everything. Fortunately, Lifestart Foundation was on hand to provide funds so that many locals could get back on their feet quickly. Amongst many practical things, seeds were provided to families who lost all of their crops to restart their farming.




  • 100’s of sponsorships have been granted to families under the Support-A-Family program. These sponsorships aid very poor families to establish and commence Micro-businesses
  • Kitchen & Bathroom project – provided to families who have not had access to the most basic of living conditions
  • Provided livestock including cows, chickens, ducks and goats for breeding and income generation
  • Installed wells and pumps for families without water
  • Connected electricity for families without power
  • Concreted dirt floors in many houses
  • Installed iron roofs to make houses water-proof
  • Provided $45,000 aud of infant milk formula to orphans, sick children from poor families and mothers who were unable to breast feed
  • Purchased rice, food and blankets for many who were cold and hungry
  • Provided much needed food hampers to poor families
  • Provided bicycles to enable transportation to work and school
  • Houses have been built for families who were squatting or were without shelter
  • 24 boats have been built which now provide a source of income, a means of providing food for the family and somewhere to live when the river floods annually
  • Renovated the Dien Ban Orphanage under the Orphan-Assist program