Typhoon Damrey and Flood Donation

Thanks to the donations we received from many of our generous supporters, we were able to help many families who were affected by Typhoon Damrey and floods that impacted Central Vietnam at the end of 2017. When we assessed the shocking impact and damage on people’s lives the families we were able to help have children in our Lifestart Foundation education scholarship project, so they were families that we know.

Our families were all directly affected by Typhoon Damrey and the subsequent flood and we are happy to report that they have now recovered from the damage to their homes, crops and loss of livestock with your help.

Many chickens and pigs were purchased and are being raised as well as complete replanting of crops and vegetables after the flood water subsided. Every family was so happy to receive this type of help, nothing could replace their endless hours of labor but we were able to lend significant support by helping them to start over.

The photos in this post are of Duyen’s family, who received support to re-plant their crops and vegetables and they received funds to purchase another pig.

dev_syedsqTyphoon Damrey and Flood Donation