Building Kitchens & Bathrooms for Extremely Poor Families

The second family to be the recipient of this project is the family of one of our Education Scholarship students, Linh, pictured in this post. These are the before and after photos of the kitchen and bathroom that we have built for Linh’s family.

Having a kitchen and bathroom is a luxury that many of us take for granted. In fact we would not even consider it to be a luxury but rather a necessity. Many families that Lifestart Foundation support do not have either. They use wood to cook their daily meals in very crude conditions and they also do not have plumbing, running water or a toilet.

The modest but secure construction that Lifestart Foundation has built for Linh’s family includes both a kitchen with gas cooking facilities and a tiled bathroom with a toilet and shower. The construction is made of brick and cement. If you are interested in finding more information about her family, follow our previous post here:

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dev_syedsqBuilding Kitchens & Bathrooms for Extremely Poor Families