Below are some of Lifestart Foundation’s most needed goods and services. If you are able to help, please contact Lifestart Foundation.


Second Hand Laptops

Laptops greatly help our Educational Scholarship students!

Travel Sponsorship

Lifestart Foundation is looking for travel sponsorship (individual or corporate) to help with the ongoing funding of Karen’s trips to Vietnam.

Transportation of donated goods: Are you travelling to Vietnam?

If you are travelling to Vietnam assistance with transporting donated goods from Australia is always appreciated. Throughout the year many people donate clothing to the Lifestart Foundation, which now exceeds Karen’s baggage limit. A bag can be packed for you and left open so you can check its contents.. Please contact Lifestart Foundation for more information.

PhonesOld Mobile Phones

Lifestart Foundation is always in need of your old mobile phones. The phones are given to people with disabilities and provides them with a much needed form of communication. Phones are also used by volunteers in Vietnam to help them keep in contact when working in the field. When donating your phone please make sure that it is ‘unlocked’ and the phone can take an international sim card. If possible please also include the battery charger.

Digital Cameras

Cameras are needed to take photos for our blogs, media requests and for use in our Health Department.

Other Educational Aids including:

  • Educational toys and games suitable for disabled people
  • Crayons and colouring books
  • Special education resources
  • Communication aides
  • Second hand laptops for LSF Education Scholarship students
  • Musical percussion instruments