The Brocade Weavers of the Central Highlands

Dhroong village is home to many exceptionally skilled weavers. Girls learn the art of weaving at the age of 7 from their mothers. When not tending to their crops, weaving is also a reason for CoTu women to gather and socialize. The CoTu Yaya business group was established offering ethnic CoTu fabrics, clothing and other products for purchase. Dhroong women hope their products will generate extra income so that they can provide education and other opportunities for their children and community. Your support will keep CoTu traditional crafts alive and help CoTu women realize their dreams. All profits from purchases stay in the village.

The Art of Brocade

CoTu weavers harmoniously maneuver their wood and bamboo frame with their body movements. Seated with their back holding the end of vertical yarns, the weaver pushes the other end of the yarns with their legs, changing tensions to allow horizontal yarns to criss-cross the other.

dev_syedsqThe Brocade Weavers of the Central Highlands