Secondary School Educational Scholarships

The Lifestart Foundation believes that every child should have the opportunity to complete an education and for over ten years has been actively assisting students in Hoi An and its surrounding regions. Scholarships are available to children who are at risk of not being able to continue with their education because of financial difficulties. Scholarships include the provision of school fees, extra classes, books, stationery, uniforms and transport where needed..

Lifestart Foundation Free School studentIn 2010, a Secondary School Educational Scholarship program was launched to give exceptionally bright but extremely disadvantaged children with limited financial resources the chance to fulfill their dream of completing an education. The provision of scholarships fund the completion of education for children from Year 7 to Year 12. Further sponsorship is sought by the organisation at the completion of Year 12 for children to attend university. Sponsorship for university attendance can be provided in the form of either business or private support. Our aim is to break the cycle of poverty through access to education. All students are monitored regularly to ensure that academic achievement and dedication to study is maintained. Direct student sponsorship is a positive way to ensure that a child will receive ongoing support for their education. When you take up sponsorship for one of our children donors receive a regular update on the progress of each student together with an annual personalised letter and current photo.. Learn More >


Our Latest Project

lifestart-housing-after-2015Lifestart Foundation has commenced building homes for Vietnamese families in need thanks to supporters Telstra Digital Australia and private donors.

Every family selected to be the recipient of a new home are those living in extremely poor and dangerous housing conditions, the likes of which most living in developed countries cannot imagine. Their current homes are made of tin or coconut leaf and have many holes which leave the family exposed to all of the elements. Water pours through their homes during the wet season. Often times their homes are so flimsy that they are at risk of falling down completely. Learn more >



Helping Those With Disabilities

Lifestart Foundation Free Disability Community Centre

Lifestart Foundation Disability Community CentreThe Lifestart Foundation Free Disability Community Centre provides people living with disabilities in central Vietnam with new and improved opportunities. The Centre works directly with adults whose complex disabilities are a result of issues such as polio, war injuries, cerebral palsy and accidents. The Centre offers expert professional one-on-one assessments and depending on the patient’s special requirements they will receive a supervised rehabilitation exercise plan, information on nutrition, posture and details of locally based services. In addition, referral to a local hospital for surgery or prosthetics is provided for those who require specialist medical treatment. Learn More >

Lifestart Foundation Workshop

Lifestart Foundation Workshop Member Xuyen

The Lifestart Foundation Workshop is designed to provide an outlet for the creation of fine arts and crafts. The success of the workshop has empowered its members to earn a sustainable income and gain a sense of independence.The workshop was established to provide opportunities for those living in difficult situations, particularly adults with disabilities. Initiatives such as training and capacity building, together with a supportive community network, ensures both transformative change and self-sufficiency. Learn More >


Creating Self-sufficiency for Lifestart Foundation

Below are projects, products and tours to ensure Lifestart Foundation become a more sustainable charity in the future.


LongLife Natural Body Products

Longlife Natural Body Products LongLife Natural Body Products are handmade by Lifestart Foundation Workshop members using the highest quality natural ingredients and 100% pure essential oils that will leave your skin feeling great and your senses revived. Our products are made under license from Crusoeden Body, Australia. LongLife Natural Body Products are gentle on your skin and environmentally friendly. All proceeds will help fund Lifestart Foundation philanthropic projects in Vietnam. Learn More >

Lifestart Foundation Workshop Classes And Tours

Lifestart Classes And ToursWhen visiting Hoi An we welcome you to join us for a special half a day to learn more about the Lifestart Foundation and participate in our traditional Vietnamese painting & lantern making classes. The half day experience includes participation in both classes, a brief stroll through the town and an opportunity for one-on-one dialogue with Lifestart Foundation Workshop members. Complimentary Vietnamese tea is served hot or cold. Daily morning and afternoon classes are available with advanced reservations required. All proceeds will help fund Lifestart Foundation philanthropic projects in Vietnam. Learn More >

Lifestart Foundation Youth Cultural Exchange: Leaders For Life

Lifestart School GroupsThe Lifestart Foundation Leaders For Life program provides the resources necessary and empowers students to play an active role in supporting change in Vietnam and practicing responsible global citizenship. Our aim is for students to enhance their role as global citizens by relating and working personally to this sustainable educational cause for their Vietnamese sisters and brothers. Learn More >

Spotlight Australasia

Longlife Stitch In TimeIn October 2011, Lifestart Foundation joined with Spotlight Australasia in a philanthropic partnership called the “Stitch in Time” Project. Lifestart Foundation receives regular orders from Spotlight to make fair-trade silk shopping bags which are sold throughout their stores. All profits made go direct to the Lifestart Foundation Workshop member making the bags and also to help fund Lifestart Foundation philanthropic projects in Vietnam.

Vietnamese Tea Ceremony

lifestart-projects-teaOur Vietnamese Tea Ceremonies are hosted daily. Guests can enjoy our half hour Tea Ceremony morning or afternoon whilst soaking up the ambiance of the new Lifestart Foundation Workshop, a beautiful historical building. Learn all about the Vietnamese Tea culture hosted by our Tra Viet Tea artists whilst enjoying premium quality tea. Learn More >

CoTu Ya Ya Products

lifestart-projects-cotuDhroong village is home to many exceptionally skilled weavers. Girls learn the art of weaving at the age of 7 from their mothers. When not tending to their crops, weaving is also a reason for CoTu women to gather and socialize. Recently, the CoTu Yaya business group was established offering ethnic CoTu fabrics, clothing and other products for purchase. Dhroong women hope their products will generate extra income so that they can provide education and other opportunities for their children and community. Learn More >

Tohe Products

lifestart-projects-toheTohe is a social enterprise in Vietnam that provides a creative learning playground for disadvantaged and disabled children to play and learn in a different academic setting. Selected artworks from art classes has been redesigned and printed on lifestyle products such as: clothes, accessories, homeware, toys… branded under the name Tohe and distributed both in Vietnam and internationally. A portion of profits are used to fund the creative classes & scholarship program for talented children. Learn More >

Crafts To Inspire Products


Craft to INSPIRE Social Enterprise (C2I) was started as an endeavor to connect disabled artisans with their customers by promoting their unique, beautiful handicraft products. Their objective is to find the markets for products made by ethnic artisans in mountainous areas in Northern Vietnam such as Hoa Binh, Ha Giang provinces. We focus on providing handicraft products (bags, scarves, kitchenwares and bed stuffs) from cotton fabric, hemp fabric. Learn More >