Hang’s New Leg

Introducing the beautiful and vivacious Hang – An Agent Orange Survivor.

This is Part 1 of Hang’s inspirational story.

Hằng comes from a family of six, including her grandfather, dad, mum and two younger brothers. Both of her parents are farmers and her youngest brother has an intellectual disability and is unable to attend school. They live in a poor countryside area in Central Vietnam.
Hằng belongs to the 3rd generation of Vietnamese affected by Agent Orange. She was born with a severe disability which included no right leg and a disability with her hands. She had her first leg surgery at 8 years of age and has been wearing a leg prosthesis since she was 12 years old.

Hằng has always been determined to get an education and never let her disability and challenges get in the way of her success.

In High School, Hằng was quite lonely and did not have many friends. However that has all changed now.

Hằng is now a 3rd year student at Passerelles Numeriques Vietnam, studying IT. She was awarded a full 3 year scholarship from 2016 to 2019 and she will be graduating in August 2019. Since her admission in PNV, Hằng has been an outstanding student; including her academic results, her attitude, her motivation and character. She is extremely hard-working and always has a positive mindset. She is very supportive with her classmates. Her physical and mental strength despite her disability is an example for all of us.

Hằng was introduced to Lifestart Foundation in 2016 as she needed transportation to get to her studies and to be able to live more independently. LSF supplied her with a specially modified 3 wheeled electric scooter which made it easier for her to navigate her way around Da Nang safely and with new found confidence.

She lives at a dormitory and shares her room with six other girls who are very supportive. Despite the difficulty and pain she has lived with, she never asked for help to climb stairs to her room or to get to her studies. Before she received the electric scooter, her roommates used to take her on their bicycle to get her to class or to join outside activities.
She participates in as many extra-curricular activities as possible such as board games, activities at the beach and yoga.

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Full story video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yG7YUPdGFvk
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